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We will Beat all Uber, Lyft or Taxi Cab transportation prices!
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Encinitas Ride Share,
Most Trusted
Local Encinitas Transportation Company

I'm L.K.. I am your Encinitas Ride Share driver, neighbor, and long time North County Encinitas Local.

Looking for transportation drivers drivers in Encinitas? If you want to know where to go, who to see, or how to get there, in Encinitas, and the surrounding communities, than who better to have as your personal driver and guide, than someone who's lived here all his life and raised his family here in this beautiful community of Encinitas in San Diego?!

Airport Ride Special!
From Encinitas $39.00
When booked in advance.

(To San Diego Airport)

Please support your Local Encinitas Ride Share drivers Drivers!

Our super clean cars will drive you to and pick you up from work, drive you to and from the grocery store, drive you safely to and from your favorite Encinitas restaurant, Encinitas night club or Encinitas bar. Our trusted taxi cab service will get you to the train station, bus station or airport, safely and comfortably on time.

Be Concerned! Recently Encinitas is being flooded by dozens of Non-Encinitas cabs here just for the busy weekends, taking the work from the loyal Local Encinitas drivers, then disappear during the slow week days. The loyal Local Encinitas drivers who used to make a living for their families are struggling to stay in business. Soon there will be no true Local Encinitas service, no weekday service during the slower days, because of the Weekend Vultures.

Some Sample Ride Share Rate Fares for Encinitas

Pick Up Location Destination Rate/Fare
San Elijo Hills D St. Encinitas $27.00
Carlsbad Village Dr D St. Encinitas $27.00
Camp Pendleton S. Gate D St. Encinitas $41.00
Village Park 7-11 D St. Encinitas $14.00
Solana Beach Amtrak D St. Encinitas $12.00
Luecadia Blvd. 7-11 D St. Encinitas $6.00
15th St. Del Mar D St. Encinitas $14.00
The Kraken D St. Encinitas $7.00
San Diego International Airport D St. Encinitas $39.00
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